Regional Coordinators

Mr. Stephen Massah Kuyeli is a holder of Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science from Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi and he prides in exceptional vast professional experience in the field of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), Water Quality Monitoring, Waste and Wastewater management, Sanitation, Pollution control. His eleven (11) years of experience with Blantyre City Council as Pollution Control Engineer and Seven (7) years at Malawi Bureau as Director of Testing Services advantages him to understand the expectation of the public sector and regulatory requirements on sanitation projects.

He is highly consulted by both institutions and individuals on water monitoring, waste management, sanitation and pollution control. Mr. Kuyeli was a prominent team member of the team that developed the sanitation and hygiene regulations and bills for the government of Malawi.  His leadership and innovations significantly transformed the performance of the water monitoring and wastewater management at Blantyre City Council.

His passion for a clean environment is what motivated him to be part of the team steering activities of Beautify Malawi.


Wezi Grace Kamthunzi


Wezi Grace Kamthunzi is the BEAM Coordinator Central. He is a former employee of World Vision Malawi where she worked for 23 years and her  last position was Finance Manager.

Her passion for BEAM came after watching a programme where the First Lady had a sweeping exercise in Area 36.  She felt that she would voluntarily help in making Malawi look  greener and cleaner in turning having a healthy nation.