Beautify Malawi Patron Her Excellency Prof. Gertrude Mutharika


Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) is an indigenous NGO registered under the Trustee Inc. Act (2001) in 2014. It is also registered with both Malawi NGO Board and CONGOMA. It started its operations in Malawi in 2014 after its official launch on 13th September, 2014. BEAM is governed by the Board of Trustees with a Secretariat that is being supported by the Secretariat Management Committee. BEAM in its operation has taken a participatory approach where it remains a facilitator and the community members are implementers. This is key in the belief and philosophy of BEAM as it builds on the community ownership that is a catalyst to sustainability.

Core Values
In attaining its objectives, BEAM strives to uphold the following core values:
Professionalism: BEAM always endeavors to set the pace and enforce quality that is the object of professionalism in its work. BEAM is guided by the will to serve and a strong desire that a Cleaner and Healthier Malawi is possible. To achieve this call, professionalism remains paramount. This call also guides the way BEAM appoints and recruits people and trains the community members.

Accountability and Transparency:
BEAM will remain transparent and accountable to both donors and beneficiaries in its operations. This shall not only be in the area of resources, but also in the delivery of the work on the ground.

Gender Sensitivity:
In all its work, BEAM shall always provide equal opportunity that allows access to services and opportunity to serve. This shall remain so at its work place, committees set up and advocating for the same in carrying out its messages.

BEAM believes and accepts that there are other players that are actively involved in the area of health, hygiene and sanitation. To fill the gap, BEAM shall work in strong partnerships with others to promote a clean and healthy Malawi.

BEAM shall conduct itself with all sincerity, honesty and always act in ways that shall ensure maximum trust from others. Integrity shall remain at the core of its dealings and any act of doing business.

Objectivity, neutrality, non-discrimination, fairness shall remain the guiding pillars in BEAM operations. All the operations shall be to the benefit of the citizenry irrespective of any attachments or affiliation. BEAM is and shall remain non-partisan in its conduct and service provision.